What Version Of The Bible Do We Use?

For the most part, unless otherwise noted, Bible passages are going to be quoted from the New International Version. It’s the second most popular version, behind the King James.

The problem with using the KJV is that it’s just a bit antiquated. All those “thy”s and “thine”s and such sound important and holy and are, indeed, majestic, but they’re a product of the time of the translation — the 17th century — rather than the Bible itself.

The oldest Bible translation is in Greek, while the oldest Tanakh manuscript (which is the basis for the Old Testament) was mostly in Hebrew,  with some Aramaic thrown in. None of the languages had “thee”s and “thou”s.

If I switch up the translation source to help with understanding at all, I’ll note which version is used. Translation can be tricky, so sometimes it helps to get different translations. And trust me, you’ll be reading a lot about the difficulties with translations in these posts!