How To Treat Immigrants According To The Bible

There’s a lot of misinformation being passed around about immigration these days, and, unfortunately, Pat Robertson is only contributing to it. Hopefully we can cut through some of these falsehoods as I try to tackle why it’s so hard to deal with immigrants with compassion, even for Christians who know exactly what the Bible says about the issue. Click below and jump to the 1 minute mark if you’d like to hear what The 700 Club has to say, despite Robertson’s claim to “love Hispanic people.”

Does The Bible Forbid Birth Control?

Whether or not to use birth control can be a tricky question for Christians to answer. The thing is, it doesn’t really have to be. In the end, as with most questions in life and as even The 700 Club’s Pat Robertson acknowledges, it all comes down to personal taste.Click here if you’d like to see how the folks at The 700 Club answered the question, but if you want to get a better idea of where the dilemma comes from, read on/

What Nationality Were Adam And Eve?

According to Pat Robertson, asking how civilization arose from Adam and Eve is an amusing “no brainer.” But wondering about the things like their nationality or how civilization arose from them isn’t really something to laugh at, as it’s perfectly valid. The story of all of mankind and human history coming from Adam and Eve is confusing because it’s just, well, so implausible.

Intimacy, Salvation & Prostitution

No one should ever feel shamed or forced or bullied into intimacy. Not even in marriage. It’s a joyous thing that should be shared willingly and happily.