What Does The Bible Say About The End Times?

Bible prophecy is confusing. It’s full of metaphors, symbols, unclear time periods, literal impossibilities and conflicting information. So it’s understandable if someone has a question on the end times or the Great Tribulation. It’s a fascinating question, but if there’s one thing Pat Robertson gets right on The 700 Club, it’s the idea to be careful that we don’t get fixated on a hypothetical end of the world, and keep our focus on the present that we’re living in. 

How Does Speaking In Tongues Work?

For this batch of The 700 Club questions, Gordon Robertson is back again to answer a question on the gift of tongues. What he doesn’t acknowledge, though, is that speaking in tongues is something that is open to a lot of different interpretation. Click here and skip to the 1:50 mark if you want to get into the somewhat perfunctory way the question was answered. 

Should We Believe Psychics And Prophets?

How can you tell the difference between psychics and prophets? Is there a difference? Do prophets even exist or are they all charlatans? On today’s The 700 Club we’re treated to Pat Robertson’s son, Gordon, stepping in and answering a question on the difference between psychics and prophets. If you want to see his answer before I challenge it, just click on this statement to check it out.