About This Site

I’ll admit to watching The 700 Club from time to time, often interested in how Pat Robertson and his son, Gordon, answer the questions that their viewers pose to them. Every now and then they offer decent advice, but often they give frustratingly perfunctory answers to complex problems and twist scripture into fitting into their own worldviews. They can be judgmental and dismissive of those who write in and often seem to do little to help. Rather than encouraging people to learn, they simply tell them what they should believe.

I’m no expert and I’m no theologian, but since I love research and would like to be able to actually help people, I thought, why not go through and answer the questions myself? And that’s how I started this site.

As actual Christian theologian Daniel Migliore writes in Faith Seeking Understanding: An Introduction to Christian Theology: “Authentic faith is no sedative for world-wary souls, no satchel full of ready answers to the deepest questions of life. …  Christian faith has nothing in common with indifference to the search for truth, or fear of it, or the arrogant claim to possess it fully.”

Each question links back to video of the original answer, and you can be sure I’ll reference and rebut what I feel is necessary. I’m happy to be challenged and, at the very least, hopefully I’ll encourage people to seek answers themselves, rather than simply think and do as others tell them.