Does Acupuncture Work For Christians?

On this episode of The 700 Club, Pat Robertson’s rightful defense of acupuncture gets lost in his disdainful confusion of foreign beliefs. He mixes Chinese and Indian tradition, philosophy and religion. Acupuncture, Yin and Yang and Buddhism do not all go together in any belief system. Click here if you want to watch his muddled…

What Does The Bible Say About The End Times?

Bible prophecy is confusing. It’s full of metaphors, symbols, unclear time periods, literal impossibilities and conflicting information. So it’s understandable if someone has a question on the end times or the Great Tribulation. It’s a fascinating question, but if there’s one thing Pat Robertson gets right on The 700 Club, it’s the idea to be careful that we don’t get fixated on a hypothetical end of the world, and keep our focus on the present that we’re living in. 

What’s God’s Name?

What is God’s real name? The names of God are many in the Bible and understanding what we know of the answer isn’t nearly as easy as The 700 Club makes it seem. Is it Yahweh, Elohim, YHWH or El? Something else entirely? Why is the Scripture so confusing? If you want to see Pat Robertson’s simple answer, the question begins at 2:15. If you’re ready for a deeper dive into the merging of language, history and religion, read on.

How To Deal With Anxiety

Mental health issues are not something that can be dealt with lightly, nor can they be dealt with with quick, simple suggestions. Pat Robertson makes coping sound easy enough in the minute he gives the topic on The 700 Club, but he’s not a mental health professional, and when it comes to anxiety and depression, we can sometimes end up in a spiral which we find difficult to simply set aside. Click here and jump in to 55 seconds if you want to hear his quick minute of advice, or read on for actual advice. 

Are We Promised Tomorrow?

Today’s The 700 Club questions start with one about whether we get tangible rewards for our faith. If we’re good and faithful are we promised a long and healthy life? Are we promised a prosperous life? Unfortunately, the answer is offered up by Pat Robertson, someone who, with every episode he produces, does his best to convince people the exact opposite of what he says.

How Does Speaking In Tongues Work?

For this batch of The 700 Club questions, Gordon Robertson is back again to answer a question on the gift of tongues. What he doesn’t acknowledge, though, is that speaking in tongues is something that is open to a lot of different interpretation. Click here and skip to the 1:50 mark if you want to get into the somewhat perfunctory way the question was answered. 

What’s The Proper Way To Worship God?

How you worship in Christianity is a solidly theological question, so I won’t get into it too deeply, but the first question asked of Gordon Robertson for the episode is one worth at least touching on. It’s not really a question of who’s right, so much as understanding the nature of understanding. Nothing is as cut-and-dry as the The 700 Club makes it seem.

Should We Believe Psychics And Prophets?

How can you tell the difference between psychics and prophets? Is there a difference? Do prophets even exist or are they all charlatans? On today’s The 700 Club we’re treated to Pat Robertson’s son, Gordon, stepping in and answering a question on the difference between psychics and prophets. If you want to see his answer before I challenge it, just click on this statement to check it out.

Should I Read The Bible?

Should you read the Bible? Whether you’re a believer or not, there’s a case to be made that you should. Unfortunately, when it comes to believers, too often it’s easier to just listen to folks like The 700 Club’s Pat Robertson and have him tell you what the Bible says and what it means. And that can lead to a lot of problems. Jump ahead to 2:45 to see Robertson’s defense of telling people what to know, rather than encouraging them to seek out the knowledge on their own.

How To Treat Immigrants According To The Bible

There’s a lot of misinformation being passed around about immigration these days, and, unfortunately, Pat Robertson is only contributing to it. Hopefully we can cut through some of these falsehoods as I try to tackle why it’s so hard to deal with immigrants with compassion, even for Christians who know exactly what the Bible says about the issue. Click below and jump to the 1 minute mark if you’d like to hear what The 700 Club has to say, despite Robertson’s claim to “love Hispanic people.”